Looking for an easy to grow hydrangea? Then, consider the Annabelle hydrangea. Just cut the plant to the ground early in the spring, and it will bloom with big, showy white flowers during the summer that turn to a soft green color.

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Hydrangea - Annabelle

No one can resist the beautiful flower of a hydrangea blossom. One of the easiest to grow in Kansas is a variety called the Annabelle hydrangea. The Annabelle hydrangea is prized for it’s large, showy white flowers. What makes this plant so easy to grow is that it will tolerate morning shade and even a little afternoon sun – but it prefers morning sun and afternoon shade. It would prefer to be on the moist side, but will also take some dry soils.

The easiest thing about this plant is that all you have to do each spring to get these beautiful blooms is to cut it back to the ground. The Annabelle hydrangea, unlike some of the more popular varieties, is one that blooms on new wood. All of this growth comes out in the spring to reveal these beautiful flowers during the month of June. So every spring when new growth begins, simply cut the plant back to the ground, and it allows these vigorous blooms to fill your garden with summer color.

The color of the Annabelle hydrangea doesn’t stop with the white flowers in June. Later on, these will turn a soft green color that will provide interest late into the summer. In the winter, they’ll die down to provide some interest with the dried heads in the garden.

So, Annabelle hydrangea is a great addition to the Kansas landscape. Provide it with morning sun, afternoon shade, good drainage, some water during the dry periods, and this plant will reward you for years to come.

This feature story prepared with Dennis Patton, Kansas State University Research and Extension Horticulture Agent, Johnson County. For more information, visit your local county extension office or visit our website at KansasGreenYards.org.

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